RCAP 2011 Conference Plenary PowerPoints


The RCAP conference, HIV/STD Prevention in Rural Communities: Sharing Successful Strategies VII, April 7-9, 2-011, at Indiana University, Bloomington, attracted over 150 participants from over 20 states and a record number oral presentations. The PowerPoint presentations and link to five plenary presentations are provided here: James W. Curran of Emory University, AIDS at 30 years: Lessons learned and challenges ahead (click here); Robert Foley of the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, Prevention and advocacy in an era of reality, recession, and recission (click here); Lenadro Mena of University of Mississippi Medical Center, Preventing HIV among AA MSM in the Deep South in a context of stigma, homophobia, poverty, and high STD rates (click here); Leticia Manning of the Office of Rural Health Policy: Rural community-based practices on HIV/AIDS (click here); Cornelis Rietmeyer of Colorado School of Public Health, HIV/STI prevention and the (not so new) media (click here); and Richard A. Crosby, Cynthia A. Graham, Robin R. Milhausen, Stephanie A. Sanders, and William L. Yarber, Condom-use errors and problems: A decade of research by The Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team (click here).