Project CREATE

The Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention is pleased to announce a new online awareness community initiative, called Project CREATE (create rural education AIDS tailoring effort). This program has several features: (1) individuals can create their own posters tailed to their rural community, (2) individuals can participate in media-driven story telling in which they can share HIV/AIDS-related pictures, blogs, videos, and audio, and (3) individuals can find support and guidance through a custom-tailed forum with five distinct HIV/AIDS topics. This innovative program was developed by HIV/AIDS prevention specialists at the University of Kentucky and Indiana University. To access this program go to the RCAP website and click on the Project CREATE portal.

The process of developing Project CREATE and its features are described in a recently published manuscript:  McGladrey M, Noar S, Crosby R, Young A, and Webb E. (2012). Creating Project CREATE: Lessons learned and best practices for developing web-based resources for public heath practitioners. American Journal of Health Education, 43, 341-348.  (Click here for PDF).